Wizards have discovered a form of energy released during runecrafting! The problem is that the two lead researchers of the project cannot agree on whether the green or yellow forms of energy is the more important form of energy. To start playing the Great Orb Project, you should begin by talking to one of the two lead researchers: either Wizard Acantha (green) or Wizard Vief (yellow) in the Runecrafting Guild. To get there, travel to the Wizard's Tower south of Draynor Village and enter the Runecrafting Guild portal on the second floor. They will give you a hat that matches the type of orb you should be collecting and three wands. The purpose is to collect as many of your colour of orbs by moving them adjacent to the runecrafting altar while at the same time preventing your opponents from collecting their type of orb. Jagex suggests Worlds 60 and 61 to easily find other players also interested in playing the minigame.

Requirements and Equipment

This minigame is available to both free players and members, but there are some basic requirements necessary to be able to play it. You must be able to enter the Runecrafting Guild, which requires you to have level 50 Runecrafting and also to have completed the Rune Mysteries quest. Since all you need to play the mini game is provided for you, you should keep a free inventory to hold wands and essence provided to you during the game. In addition, you must have empty helmet and weapon slots. The higher your runecrafting level, the further the distance you can manipulate orbs. Some recommended equipment includes:

   * Essence pouches to carry the essence you are given as a reward to later altars
   * Explorer's Ring 2 or 3 to receive extra elemental runes at standard experience
   * Fist of Guthix runecrafting gloves to receive triple standard experience
   * Runecrafter robes (except the hat) to increase the distance you can manipulate orbs