Bronze SwordIron swordSteel swordBlack swordMithril swordAdamantite swordRune sword
Primary attack type Stab
Secondary attack type Slash
Attack speed 6

This is an article about short swords. For long swords, see the Longsword article

Swords, sometimes called Shortswords, are fast stabbing weapons and are stronger than daggers. While a sword is best at stabbing, players can also use it as a slashing weapon. It is generally a good weapon with all-round stats and isn't too expensive.

Swords aren't often used by players, as most prefer the stronger but slower longsword.

Players used to receive a Bronze sword from Vannaka on Tutorial Island, which was kept when the player was transported to the mainland. Now, they receive a different sword with identical stats, called the training sword, during the Learning the Ropes quest.

Special SwordsEdit

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