Quests used in Yes
High Alchemy 30
Low Alchemy 20
Destroyable Drop
Store price (See explanation) 20 or 80
Exchange price N/A
Examine text The magical sword 'Silverlight'.
Weight 2

Silverlight is a magical sword used in the Demon Slayer quest, and can be kept afterwards. The sword is obtained by talking to Sir Prysin in Varrock Castle during the course of Demon Slayer. He will send the player on a mini-quest to obtain the 3 Silverlight keys to the box that Silverlight is held in - once the player acquires these keys and brings them back to Sir Prysin he will give the player the sword. This weapon cannot be made by players using the smithing skill.

Silverlight is equal to the steel longsword in terms of statistics - with the exception of the +1 magic defence bonus - when fighting non-demon monsters. However, while fighting Lesser or Greater Demons, Silverlight increases each damage amount dealt by 60%, rounded down. For example, what would normally be 11 damage against non-demons becomes 17 damage against demons. It is recommended that you DO NOT fight demons with Silverlight, unless you can't wield rune weapons, because Silverlight has a very low accuracy. Silverlight is the strongest weapon available to a defence pure with only 1 attack.

In RuneScape Classic, Silverlight will weaken a demon if it is used on the first hit.

If a player dies, Silverlight is lost and can be returned from Sir Prysin for free until the quest is complete. Afterwards, a player must buy it from him for 500 coins after losing it. But, a player could drop Silverlight, get another for free, drop that, get another and so on. After the fourth of fifth Silverlight they would start to disappear. Then the player would pick them all up, then note then in a bank and go back for more but still dropping them all that are now in note form. (It can now not be withdrawn as a note.) Silverlight can be sold to the Wise Old Man for 80 coins.

For help on getting the Keys to unlock Silverlight Click on the following link--> Silverlight keys


In The God Letters, it is revealed that, due to the disruption of balance caused by Delrith's summoning, Guthix intervened and imbued Silverlight with his power, and most likely caused Wally to find it and use it to slay Delrith.

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Attack.gif   Attack Bonus   Attack.gif
White dagger White scimitar White warhammer Magic.gif Ranged.gif  
+9 +14 -2 0 0
Defence.gif   Defence Bonus   Defence.gif
White dagger White scimitar White warhammer Magic.gif Ranged.gif CombatSwords.PNG
0 +3 +2 +1 0 0
Other Bonuses
Strength Prayer
+12 0
Speed: Speed5