Details Edit

Due to an update by Jagex it is now a Mini-Quest

Official quest description: Fred the Farmer's sheep are getting mighty woolly. He will pay you to shear them.
Release date: Unknown
Start: Northwest of Lumbridge, there is a person named Farmer Fred inside the house surrounded with chickens. Go inside and talk to him.
Difficulty: *****
Length: Short
Members only: No
Requirements: none
Items needed: Coins for quick way, Shears for long way.

Spoiler warning: Plot and/or ending details follow.

Walkthrough Edit

Sheep pen

The sheep pen beside Fred the Farmer's house.

Quick wayEdit

Their is no other quicker way than to just do it. Quest has been updated and they dont accept white wool's -_-

Long wayEdit

If you feel like actually doing the work, follow these instructions: First of all, grab the shears off the table in Farmer Freds house. Next, talk to Farmer Fred. Tell him you're looking for a quest. He will give you one, which will be to get him 20 black balls of wool. Leave his house and enter the fenced area on the east side of his house. This is the sheep pen. You can either use your shears with the sheep or left-click on them to shear them. Sheep with wool will look puffy, and sheep without wool will look skinny. If a sheep has no wool, wait a few minutes and the wool will eventually appear on them. Sometimes they will run away from you if you try to shear them; just keep trying and you'll eventually get their wool. Once you have 20 pieces of wool, you must now spin them into balls of wool. Enter Lumbridge Castle and head to the second floor. In one of the rooms is a spinning wheel. Click on it and spin the 20 pieces of wool you have. When they are all balls of wool, go back to Fred the Farmer to finish the quest. If you do not have the space to carry all 20 pieces of wool, you can make smaller deliveries until you reach the required total.

Diversions Edit

There are two diversions in this quest.

Abnormal sheep

The two penguins disguised as a sheep.

  • Rams. Rams look very similar to sheep. If you left-click them, you'll attack them, as they cannot be sheared. If you're a very low-level player, it's best to be careful and try not to attack them.
  • "The Thing." Fred the Farmer will warn you about "The Thing" and tells you to be wary of it. In the sheep pen, one of the sheep has an option to talk to it. This is "The Thing" Fred the Farmer mentioned. All it is is two penguins in a disguise. If you've tried to shear "The Thing", the penguins will squeak and run from you. You can talk with Fred the Farmer about "The Thing" and have an interesting conversation.

Reward Edit