Bronze ScimitarIron scimitarSteel scimitarBlack scimitarMithril scimitarAdamantite scimitarRune scimitar
Primary attack type Slash
Secondary attack type Stab
Attack speed 6

Scimitars are great slashing weapons, although they have a less effective stabbing attack. They deal slightly more damage than swords, but less then longswords. Scimitars are a much favored training weapon against unarmoured opponents, as what it lacks in absolute power, it makes up for in speed. The balance favours a player's Strength being higher than their Attack. This quality, when combined with the great popularity of training Attack and Strength alone and neglecting Defence, results in the scimitar's popularity. They have the exact same speed as the considerably weaker daggers and two-handed claws, so they are widely used. However, they have less attack and defense bonuses than longswords and Battleaxes.

Scimitars are made with the Smithing skill, purchased at a scimitar shop identified with the scimitar Scimitar shop icon icon on the map, or bought from another player. One scimitar shop is Zeke's Superior Scimitars, located in Al Kharid. Unfortunately, it only sells bronze, iron, steel, and mithril scimitars.

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