Rune Scimitar


Also Known As?
Rune Scimmy
Average Price?
A vicious, curved sword.
40 Attack
High Alch?
Low Alch?

As for all Rune Weapons, the Rune Scimitar can be equiped at 40 attack. It is considered to be the best non-degrading free to play weapon because it is both fast and moderately powerful. It is also the second strongest scimitar available to free players, behind the Corrupt Dragon Scimitar. Prices raised on average, 15k (15k to 30k) from the first introduction of the Grand Exchange.

Upgrades Edit

The image of the Rune Scimitar is the new inventory sprite after the Animation Pack 1 update on 28 July 2009. The animation of the Scimitar was changed, as well as many other popular weapons. Most of the public's reaction to some of the new animations was that it looked worse than before, weapons like the Dragon Scimitar.

Tactics Edit

This Weapon is commonly used with the Rune 2-Hand. Switching from the Scimitar to the Rune 2-Hand to deliever a fast, powerfull blow (As quick as the Scimitar). It is recomended to use this when the player has low health and to use the Rune 2-Hander as a finisher.

Dropped By? Edit

Free players are able to obtain the rune scimitar as a semi-rare drop from Cockroach soldiers. They are located in the Stronghold of Player Safety. It is recommend to NOT fight these creatures if you are a level 60 or lower, as they are level 83 and can hit high damage.