90x55x2-Rune platebodyThe Rune platebody is a platebody made of runite. Statistically, it is the best non-degradable melee chestarmour available for non-members. It used to be considered the best platebody made with conventional metals in both free-to-play and pay-to-play, but was surpassed with the release of the While Guthix Sleepsquest and the Dragon platebody. This item can be bought from Oziach after completing the Dragon Slayer quest, the Grand Exchange in Varrock, or from other players. Players can make this item with the Smithing skill at level 99 using five Rune bars thereby gaining 375 experience. Players cannot wear this item until they have completed the Dragon Slayer quest and have 40 Defence or above.

Rune platebodies have the same stats as a sacred clay platebody which can only be used by members. Fractite platebodies, available only whileDungeoneering, have higher stab, slash, and ranged defence bonuses than the Rune Platebody, but have a lower crush bonus. Heroes in East Ardougnehave a slightly lighter coloured version of this item which cannot be obtained by players.

The Rune Platebody has fallen in price dramatically after the reintroduction of Free Trade and the Wilderness on 1 February 2011, dropping from approximately 70,000 to 40,000 coins. This is likely a result of the ability to take your opponent's items on death. Other expensive items, such as theabyssal whip, seem to be undergoing a similar drop in price.