Ranged is the combat style that allows players to shoot enemies from a distance with projectiles. Players who practice the ranged combat style are often referred to as rangers or archers. The current minimum to be ranked on the hiscores in Ranged is 41 Ranged and 42,575 experience.


In the RuneScape combat triangle, Ranged is effective against Magic, and weak to Melee.

Ranged combat allows players to shoot enemies from afar; therefore, it is recommended that players stand behind an obstacle so that they can avoid damage, though still deal damage to the opponent.

Similar to the other combat clases, ranged combat has a variety of attack styles: accurate, rapid, and long-range.

All the attack styles provide both ranged xp (experience points) and hitpoints xp. The amount experience gained by each style is shown in the table below.

Attack Style Damage Ranged XP Defence XP Hitpoints XP
Accurate 10 4 0 1.33
Rapid 10 4 0 1.33
Long-range 10 2 2 1.33

The rapid attack style will attack the opponent or target the quickest, whereas accurate and long-range attacks hit the opponent at an equal, slower rate. It is recommended that you train using the rapid attack style. This will give a high rate of experience, but will use a greater number of arrows compared to the Accurate style. Accurate mode will improve your chance of hitting. Long-range allows you to attack from a greater distance, while also offering defence xp, with reduced ranged xp.

Ranged armour and weapons offer both ranged defence and attack bonuses. The ranged attack bonus determines how accurately the ranger hits. The ranged defence bonus determines how effective the armour is against ranged attack. The ranged level and arrows used by the ranger determine how high the damage can be.

Max Hit (free players): Using adamant arrows with a maple shortbow, the Eagle Eye prayer activated, and level 99 Ranged, the maximum amount of damage able to be dealt is 184 in the rapid style, and 189 in the accurate style. Combined with the +5% prayer efficiency boost from the Amulet of Zealots (attained through Dungeoneering), the maximum hit is 192 in the rapid style, and 196 in the accurate style.

Range bonusEdit

To the right of the inventorymenu is the equipment menu. Here, players can see their stat bonuses. These bonuses give players advantages and disadvantages in combat. Ranged Strength can be found nearing the bottom of the Equipment Stats menu. Ranged Strength determines how high you will hit, and is affected by the types of arrows you use. For example, the Ranged Strength of an adamant arrow is 31, while the Ranged Strength of a mithril arrow is 22.

Ranging armour has one of the the highest defences against magic attacks, along with giving a range attack bonus and range defence bonus. The higher the magic defence bonus is, the better defence a player has against mages.

Players can also use ranged prayer spells to give themselves an extra boost while ranging.

Players in F2P can now use rune arrows after the evolution of combat as of 20 November 2012.

Ranged weaponsEdit

Main article: Ranged weapons



Arrows are used for ammunition with bows. The better the arrow, the higher damage a player can deal. However, some arrows can only be shot by certain bows, and some bows can only shoot certain arrows. Non-members can only use bronze to adamant arrows.


Crossbows are one-handed ranged weapons (meaning the player can wield a shield with a crossbow) that are often reviewed by players as better all-round weapons for training and pking. However, the only crossbow available to free players is the bronze crossbow, which is hardly useful for dealing high amounts of damage. There are also some special types of crossbows, like the Phoenix crossbow.


Bolts are the ammunition for crossbows. The only type of bolt available to free players is the bronze bolt, which is also the weakest metal bolt in the game.

Best F2P armourEdit

The following armour gives the highest possible ranged attack bonus for pures. (Pures do not have defence. In other words, with a defence level of 1)

Image Item Ranged attack bonus Ranged defence bonus Requirements to use
Green dragonhide coif Green dragonhide coif 100 +4 +5 40 Ranged and 40 Defence
Green dragonhide body Green dragonhide body +15 +40 40 Ranged and 40 Defence; completion of Dragon Slayer
Green dragonhide chaps Green dragonhide chaps +8 +22 40 Ranged
Maple longbow sighted
Maple Longbow (Sighted) +110 0 45 Ranged, 45 Dungeoneering (however, the minumum token requirement is 10k tokens, or 50 dungeoneering)
Green dragonhide vambraces Green dragonhide vambraces +8 0 40 Ranged
Capes Cape 0 +2 none
Diamond amulet Amulet of Power +6 +6 None
Total +151 +75 40 ranged, 40 defence

This chart is no longer accurate after the evolution of combat.

Popular armour Edit

Main article: Armour#Ranged armour

Rangers have their own sets of armour made out of various materials. Ranger armour is good against magic, though weak against melee. Also, all armour designed for ranging give no strength or prayer bonuses, and most give no stab, slash, or crush attack bonuses.

Leather armourEdit

Leather armour is good for beginning rangers. They are very cheap and can also be crafted. Leather armour can often be found in Al-kharid's general store, as many crafters often sell leather items there.

Dragonhide armourEdit

Dragonhide armour is the most popular and the recommended armour players wear when ranging. Free players can only wear green dragonhide armour, and must complete the Dragon Slayer quest in order to wear the green d'hide body.


Level Monsters and Location Notes
1-20 Chickens at Lumbridge Collect the feathers and bones they drop for a small profit and prayer experience.
1-30 Goblins at Lumbridge Although it is possible to start with goblins, they are harder to kill but has a higher profit rate compared to chickens.
20-30 Cows at Lumbridge, Crafting Guild, Draynor Village farming patch, or the field at Gnomecopter Tours You can hide behind the troughs. You can collect the cowhides and bank either at Lumbridge, Al-Kharid, or you can bank at Falador or Draynor. The cow field north of Lumbridge is a great place to train since there are safe spots and you can bank your cowhides with Beefy Bill (He will keep 10% of what you have).
1-30 NPCs at Port Sarim's jail Players cannot get back their arrows unless they can cast Telekinetic Grab.
20-50 Scorpions in the Dwarven Mine Lots of spawns and low defence. The downside is that they have low health.
20-40 Wizards in the Wizards' Tower The mid-level is recommended as, although the wizards are especially vulnerable to archers in ranging armour, they can fight back at a distance with moderate power.
20-40 Minotaurs in the Stronghold of Security Minotaurs are easy to kill from behind the fence. They drop iron and bronze arrows so the player will likely never run out of arrows.
30-40 Al-Kharid Warriors in Al Kharid Food may be needed though as this is a multicombat area and many warriors can attack the player simultaneously.
30-40 Barbarians in Barbarian Village Players can range them across tables in the bar.
30-40 Goblins in the Stronghold of Security Less suggested than minotaurs, as they drop little to nothing of value or use to a ranger. However, there is still a fence to hide behind.
30-50+ Hobgoblins near Melzar's Maze Go on the other side of the island and shoot at hobgoblins. They cannot attack you.
30-50+ Scorpions on Karamja Hide behind the entrance to the volcano cave and shoot down the mountain on the scorpions, they cannot attack you from here.
30-50+ [Hill giant]]s in the Edgeville Dungeon There are several safe spots where you can range the giants without worrying about health.
40-50 Guards in or on Varrock Castle or the second floor of the Port Sarim jail
40-50+ Cockroach workers at the Stronghold of Player Safety Players can range them while other players attack in a multi-combat zone. Players can range on them from a couple of safe spots without getting much damage done. They also provided a good source of runes which players can sell to mages or in the Grand Exchange.
40-60 Flesh crawlers in the Stronghold of Security second level These monsters drop decent drops and are weak against ranged attacks.
40-65 White Knights in White Knights' Castle A good spot is on the second floor where there are cages so the White Knights can't harm you.
Black Knights in Black Knights' Fortress Go up from the secret passage. The cage in that floor is a good spot to range. If players have Protect from melee and ranged-boosting prayer, go to the cell with 2 black knights connected to a room with altar on the same floor. Turn on prayer and recharge when it is zero.
50-99 Moss giants on Crandor Island A good spot to range from is in front of the bush near the coal and adamant rocks.
60-99 Ice giants in the Ice Cave A good spot to range from is in the southeast corner near some stalagmites. Ice warriors may still be able to reach you though.
60-99 Lesser demons in Karamja's volcano A good spot to range from is from behind some stalagmites.
60-99 Black knights at the Black Knights' Fortress Players can range them across the table on the first floor.
60-99 Greater demons at the Wilderness Players can range them inside the ruins, as a best safespot, or while fighting the dark red ones, there's a safespot on the northern side of the ruins. For the one with the purple skin, use the bones as a safespot. Be warned though, this is a Revenant hotspot. Greater Demons also available in what used to be bounty hunter volcano, use bones and rocks as safespot.
80-99 Ankous at the Stronghold of Security Players can safely range them across a group of skeletons in the room west of the treasure room.
65-99 Cockroach soldiers at the Stronghold of Player Safety Players can range them while other players attack in a multi-combat zone. They also drop some of the best drops for free players. While the soldiers have a high defence, they are not so resistant to ranged, providing easier kills. Be warned though that cockroach soldiers can also attack with ranged. They will actually hit harder with ranged than melee, with a max hit of 11 and 8 respectively. Therefore, it is advised to have a high defense or to wear some rune armour when fighting these.

Temporary boostsEdit

  • Sharp Eye. Ranged Prayer - Increases ranging by 5%
  • Hawk Eye. Ranged Prayer - Increases ranging by 10%
  • Eagle Eye. Ranged Prayer - Increases ranging by 15%

Arrow and bolts droppersEdit