Quest points, often abbreviated as QP or QPS, are given to players after they complete quests and are a measure of their completion of quests in RuneScape. Players can receive anywhere from 1-6 quest points from completing any given quest. RuneScape Classic players can have up to 112 quest points. Meanwhile, Free-to-play players can get up to 40 quest points.


At 33 quest points, players can access the Champions' Guild, which is where to begin the ultimate free-to-play quest, Dragon Slayer.

Trading & Trade LimitsEdit

On 2 January, Jagex introduced the trade limit system. The amount of quest points affected the difference in value players could trade. Players with over 200 quest points have the maximum trading limit of 30,000 coins. However this update does not affect the 3k trade limit in free-to-play worlds. A former member with 200 quest points has a 30k trade limit in a member's world, but once the player enters a free-to-play world, he/she would only have a 3k limit, just like everyone else.

Below is the table of the trade limits in combination of quest points:

Quest points Trade limit
Up to 50 3,000
60 4,800
70 6,600
80 8,400
90 10,200
100 12,000
110 13,800
120 15,600
130 17,400
140 19,200
150 21,000
160 22,800
170 24,600
180 26,400
190 28,200
200+ 30,000


  • In 2001, completing quests would add to the "influence" skill. The "influence" skill was later replaced by the quest-point system.

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