Bronze PickaxeIron PickaxeSteel PickaxeMithril PickaxeAdamant PickaxeRune Pickaxe
Primary attack type Stab
Secondary attack type Crush
Attack speed 5

Pickaxes, often abbreviated as pick, are used to mine any type of ore in Gielinor. Pickaxes can either be held in your inventory or wielded; but, to wield a pickaxe, your attack level must be high enough to wield a weapon of the same metal as your pickaxe. Wielding your pickaxe provides extra space in your inventory so you can hold more items.

Maintenance Edit

A player will need to repair their pickaxe only if it has been damaged during the exploding rock random event. In this situation, players will be required to visit Nurmof in the Dwarven Mine or Bob at the Lumbridge axe shop for a small cost.

Pickaxe Mining level Cost to buy Cost to repair
Bronze pickaxe 1 1 Free
Iron pickaxe 1 137 Free
Steel pickaxe 6 500 17
Mithril pickaxe 21 1300 43
Adamant pickaxe 31 3200 107
Rune pickaxe 41 32 000 1100

Trivia Edit

In the early days of Runescape Classic, there was only one type of pickaxe available, named simply Pickaxe. It looked like a Steel pickaxe and could not be equipped. When different types of pickaxes were released in May 2003, all Pickaxes held or in the bank became the Bronze pickaxes that are commonly found today.

There is no Black Pickaxe. Other families of tools have black in between steel and mithril, such as the Woodcutting axe

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