The hiscores is a feature of the Runescape Website which ranks members according to their skills.

To be on the hiscores, you must meet the following criteria:

  • As of November 22nd, 2011, you must be a member
  • You must have atleast level 15 in the skill (2,411 EXP)
  • The account must not be banned or locked. Banned/Locked accounts are removed from the hiscores until unbanned/unlocked.
  • Jagex Moderator accounts do NOT show up on the hiscores.

Minimum Levels Edit

The minimum level to be ranked in the hiscores is 15, unless over 2 million people are ranked, then level 15 doesn't cut it.

Below shows the current minimum levels to be ranked.

Skill Minimum level
to be ranked
Skill Minimum level
to be ranked


Attack 15
Defence 15 Strength 15
Constitution 15 Ranged 15
Prayer 15 Magic 15
Cooking 15 Woodcutting 15
Firemaking 15 Fishing 15
Smithing 15 Crafting 15
Dungeoneering 15 Mining 15
Runecrafting 15

Official Runescape Hi Score list