Firemaking is a skill that can be used to light things, such as logs or lanterns.

Many players dislike Firemaking and consider it one of the least useful skills in RuneScape. Since burning logs and lighting lamps gives little to no profit (save for those who pick up the ashes of the fire and sell them) players see nothing of value from raising it. However, the logs that players can burn give relatively large amounts of experience, and is a relatively easy skill to raise. Training to level 99 Firemaking only should cost at most 3,000,000 gp. A good use for Firemaking is being able to cook things on the spot, such as killing rats and cooking their meat on the spot. The current minimum to be ranked on the hiscores in Firemaking is 38 Firemaking and 30,700 experience.

How to make fires Edit


A fire.

To make a fire players need a log, which can be obtained by cutting trees, and a tinderbox. Tinderboxes can be bought from a general store, such as those in Varrock, Falador and Lumbridge, for 1 coin. There are three ways of lighting a log. The first way is to use a tinderbox with the log. When a player does this, they will automatically drop their log and light it with their tinderbox. Another method is to drop the log and then right click the log and select the 'light log' option. The final way is to drop the log, then use the tinderbox with the log. This way is almost never used, but it is still available.

After a player lights a fire, they will automatically walk one step to the west if there is room there, otherwise they will take one step east. If both ways are blocked, your player will go south. If all three ways are blocked, you will go north. It is advised to have a clear path to the west so that players can go on burning logs without having disruptions. However, a fire cannot be lit just anywhere. Fires cannot be made on top of other fires, inside some buildings, or on top of certain ground features, such as flowers.

If you start one fire and have a clear path for more fires, you can quickly light the next fire. When you are in the process of making one fire get ready to start the next as soon as you finish lighting the first fire. The chat box will say "The fire catches and the logs begin to burn." instead of "You attempt to light the logs." This process is called power lighting or power firemaking.

Logs Edit

Players need certain Firemaking levels to burn different types of logs, as shown in the table below. When a log is lit, it will stay on fire for a short while. How long a fire stays lit is always random, therefore yew logs do not necessarily burn longer than a normal log. A high Firemaking level does not make fires last longer.

Log Level Experience Notes
Normal Logs
1 40 Normal logs can be obtained from cutting dead trees, evergreen trees, and normal trees. These trees can be found all over RuneScape.
Oak Logs
15 60 Oak logs are used in low level firemaking.
Willow Logs
30 90 Willow logs Are the best Woodcutting and Firemaking For Free players until 60 Woodcutting is reached.
Maple Logs
45 135 Maple logs provide the best experience per money spent and time needed to get to 99.
Yew Logs
60 202.5 Yew logs are the best logs free players can use. These logs are great for training Firemaking as they give a great amount of experience.

However, because it takes a significantly longer amount of time to burn yew logs than willows and also because yews are harder to cut and would net much more money than willows, many non-members chose to burn willow logs for experience instead.

Free-to-play Training Edit

Listed below are some ways free players can raise their Firemaking level.

Level Log type Notes
1-15 Normal. Normal logs can be cut from nearly any location, and are the only burnable log at this level.
15-30 Oak. Because multiple logs come from any single oak tree, burning oak logs while cutting oak trees makes for quick experience.
30-99 Willow. These logs give great experience, and players can choose to burn in several ways. Many players buy logs and burn them outside Draynor bank. Others may choose to cut willows in Rimmington or Port Sarim and burn the logs. Still others will buy logs direct from the general stores in Lumbridge or Varrock and burn outside these buildings. This method is the cheapest.
45-99 Maple. Though free players cannot cut maple trees, they can buy maple logs from members. Maple logs are about 3x more expensive than willow logs and give 1.5x the experience. However, if one is going for level 99, maple is more efficient in the long run. This is because the time saved is worth more than the money spent.
Alternate 60-99 Yew. These logs are much more expensive, but do not give proportionally more experience. However, if a player has enough money, these logs will cut training time significantly.


  • A player always lights fires to the west except when an object is in the way.
  • A player cannot light fires on flowers or in the middle of doorways.