Bronze Equipment is the weakest weapons in RuneScape. As with all things bronze, they have a copper-like colour.

Bronze Equipment can be separated into two different categories: Armour and Weapons.

Bronze Weapons will be posted here.


Bronze weapons give small attack and strength bonuses, allowing players hit more often and slightly harder than that of an unarmed status but not as hard as they would with weapons stronger than steel. It is common for low level players to wield them as they are very cheap and can be created with a low Smithing level. However, some high-level players may use them occasionally in clan wars or 'bronze wars'.

The weapons Edit

Bronze dagger Bronze dagger
Bronze axe Bronze axe
Bronze mace Bronze mace
Bronze sword Bronze sword
Bronze longsword Bronze longsword
Bronze scimitar Bronze scimitar
Bronze warhammer Bronze warhammer
Bronze battleaxe Bronze battleaxe
Bronze two-handed sword Bronze two-handed sword
Bronze pickaxe Bronze pickaxe