Bronze BattleaxeIron battleaxeSteel battleaxeBlack battleaxeMithril battleaxeAdamantite battleaxeRune battleaxe
Primary attack type Slash
Secondary attack type Crush
Attack speed 4

Battleaxes are powerful one-handed weapons that are great for armoured foes. They hit hard, but are among the slower weapons. In RuneScape Classic, they were stronger than swords but not as accurate. Battleaxes have a strength second to the two-handed sword, a good slash attack and a reasonable secondary crush attack. This is a good weapon for players who neglect their Strength relative to their Attack, but gives its target too much time to recover, especially if the attacker misses with a strike or two.

Not many people know that you can slice a banana with a battleaxe; just use the battleaxe on the banana.

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