Ranged_defence_icon.png Best Free-to-Play Ranged Defence BonusEdit

The following armour gives the highest possible ranged defence bonus for non-members:

Item Image Ranged
Requirements to wear/use
Rune full helm(1) File:Rune full helm.gif +30 40 defence
Rune platebody(1) File:Rune platebody.gif +80 40 defence and completion of Dragon Slayer.
Rune platelegs(1) File:Rune platelegs.gif +49 40 defence
Rune berserker shield-100(2) File:Rune berserker shield 100.png +47 45 defence
Rune gauntlets File:Rune gauntlets.gif +10 40 defence
Cape(3) File:Cape green.png +2 None
Amulet of Defence File:Emerald amulet.png +7 None
Total +225 45 defence and completion of Dragon Slayer.

1. The trimmed, gold-trimmed, or any heraldric versions can also be used.

2. Rune kiteshields give +46 ranged defence, but are easier to obtain and don't degrade.

3. Team capes will give the same range defence bonus.