Magic_defence_icon.png Best Free-to-Play Magic Defence BonusEdit

The following armour gives the highest possible magic defence bonus for non-members:

Item Image Magic
Requirements to wear/use
green d'hide coif-100 File:GreenDHcoif.gif +4 40 ranged and 40 defence
Green d'hide body(1) Green dhide body +20 40 ranged and 40 defence and completion of Dragon Slayer
Green d'hide chaps(1) File:Green dhide chaps.png +8 40 ranged and 40 defence
Anti-dragon shield Anti-dragon shield +2 Must have began Dragon Slayer.
Green d'hide vambraces(2) File:Green dhide vambraces.png +2 40 ranged, 40 defence, and completion of Dragon Slayer
Any talisman staff(3) File:Runecrafting staff fire.gif +16 50 Runecrafting
Amulet of defence File:Emerald amulet.png +7 None
Total +59 40 ranged, 40 defence, 50 runecrafting, and completion of Dragon Slayer.

1. The trimmed or gold-trimmed versions can also be used.

2. All colours of Runecrafter gloves give the same defence bonus, but require 50 Runecrafting.

3. All of the talisman staves give the same bonus.